Who We Are

Puphik Credit Limited is a Private limited company licensed in Kenya under the Company’s Act. The company was established in 2018 with a vision to provide emergency loans to Civil Servants, TSC members and employees of selected companies. We also provide Business loan to peasant farmers and business people Mama Mboga, Boda Boda guys, hawkers and shop owners.

We deliver these funds in 24 hours.
Our target is continued to grow every year to become a major regional player with successful presence in Kenya

Puphik credit is moving with high speed going to the grown of every every community giving the solutions of every emergency providing small loans


Why We're Awesome!

At Puphik, we know that its all about the client. Happy customers are our strategy


To enables Kenyans to achieve their dreams

24 Hour processing

We deliver applied funds in 24 hours.

Friendly Interest Rates

We have the best interest rates around.

Friendly Team

Our team is always there for you.